The situation in Kharkiv today – the occupiers came up with a new fake about the Ukrainian military – UNIAN

The occupiers are most likely planning to launch a missile attack on the city.

In the Russian Federation, they distinguished themselves with a new wild fake about the Ukrainian military in Kharkov / photo

Russian invaders continue to do information “stuffing”to blame the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This time, the Ukrainian military is allegedly planning to blow up a hospital in Kharkov with sick children.

This was reported Interdepartmental coordination headquarters Russian Federation.

According to the Russians, Ukrainian fighters allegedly “under the threat of being shot, forcibly bring medical personnel and sick children from other medical institutions in the city” to the First Children’s City Hospital in Kharkov. At the same time, the invaders claim that the building is mined.

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In Russia, they assured that the hospital would allegedly be blown up with the start of artillery attacks by Russian troops on military facilities in Kharkov. In addition, Western journalists are allegedly already preparing photos and videos to blame the Russians.

As UNIAN previously reported, Russian propagandists often “announce” missile strikes against peaceful targets, allegedly claiming military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in order to accuse the Ukrainian military of civilian casualties.

In addition, Russian propaganda used the comments of a military expert Michael Kofman to disseminate information about allegedly running out of ammunition in Ukraine and European countries.

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