The season of Leo promises a difficult period in the life of the three signs of the Zodiac – UNIAN

According to experts, Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus will have negative tendencies.

Who will be unlucky in August /

Astrologers have named three signs of the zodiac that are very unlucky in the season of Leo. They are going through a difficult period in their lives. But the stars will tell you how to deal with it.


The whole season of Leo Virgo will feel uncomfortable. They will have goal number one: to be in first place! But astrologers note that Virgos are too weak in character to be a leader. Moreover, they may have conflicts with others because of their perfectionism. Representatives of this zodiac constellation are used to controlling everything, and this can annoy others.


Capricorns have forgotten that in addition to work, there is also life. Spending all their time at the computer, documents and other working moments, they do not pay attention to what is happening around. That is why Capricorns in August may miss something important. The whole month is marked for them by negative tendencies.


Curious Taurus will stick their nose in other people’s business. And this can negatively affect their relationship with others. Moreover, because of your long tongue, you may lose friends and loved ones. Keep yourself in control so as not to be alone for many years.

Recall that the three signs of the zodiac will be chase problems throughout August.

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