“The Same Atrocities” Duda equated Russians in Mariupol with German Nazis in Warsaw – Ukrainian news, Politics

President of Poland Andrzej Duda compared what was happening in Warsaw during the Second World War with the atrocities of the Russians in Mariupol. He said this while visiting the exhibition “Warsaw-Mariupol – the city of ruins, the city of struggle, the city of hope”, reports Polish radio.

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“The photos are dramatic, some even very dramatic, but what was so dramatic was what happened here in Warsaw during the Second World War, in particular during the Warsaw Uprising, when there were battles here, and when the Germans ruthlessly killed the civilians of the capital. Unfortunately, aggression Russia against Ukraine is just as ruthless today,” Duda said.

The exhibition opened on Piłsudski Square in front of the Warsaw Garrison Command Building.

“How similar are the pictures, how similar is the atrocity of those who kill, destroy, destroy the lives of innocent people,” Duda commented.

He added that the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, like every war in history, will someday end, but those responsible for the atrocities and massacres of Ukrainians must be punished for their crimes.

“Today it is the duty of the civilized world. Appropriate tribunals must be created, [военные преступники] should be held accountable,” he added.

  • The exhibition will be open in Warsaw for two weeks, and then it will be presented in other cities of Poland. In the presented photos, Warsaw of 1944 is compared with modern Mariupol.

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