The Russians will again try to capture Kharkov

According to him, the battle for this city is yet to come.

Kharkiv has been shelled almost daily since the beginning of the war / photo from UNIAN, Andrey Marienko

The Russian occupiers will once again try to seize Kharkivbecause this city is very important to them.

This was stated by SBU Colonel Roman Kostenko on the Espresso TV channel.

“I have always said that the battle for Kharkiv is still ahead. Since for the Russians this is an important city in historical terms and within the framework, as they say, of the liberation of Donbass. Therefore, just as the battle for the south of Ukraine is still ahead, the same thing awaits us with Kharkiv “, – said Kostenko.

According to him, the invaders can again launch an offensive from several directions, but one will be the main one.

“It is unquestionably possible to imitate an offensive from several directions. However, where will the main one be. All the rest will be in order to pin down the forces and means of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This will make it impossible for Ukrainian troops to maneuver for the main direction,” the military man is convinced.

As UNIAN previously reported, on Monday, August 1, in the hospital one of the wounded as a result of Russian strikes on Kharkov died. This morning the enemy shelled the Saltovsky district of the city.

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