The Russians are pulling together all the reserves to the south of Ukraine, an assault may begin

According to Rostislav Smirnov, when the enemy completes all battalion-tactical groups, he can start assault operations.

The Russians are pulling reserves to the south of Ukraine / photo Emerging Europe

The Russians are transferring all reserves to the south of Ukraine; assault actions.

About it live informational telethon Rostislav Smirnov, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, said.

“They are transferring almost all their reserves, all the troops they have, to the south of the country. We know that the enemy even transferred the “famous” 35th army, which was in the Kyiv region. We know it very well from Bucha, from other cities Kyiv region. The enemy is now pulling together absolutely all the reserves, even those that were waiting for a command,” Smirnov said.

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According to him, after resupplying the enemy, obviously, can start assault operations.

“And when the enemy completes all the battalion-tactical groups, of course, he will, among other things, not just sit and wait, but also conduct certain assault positions,” he added.

Recall that Russian invaders broke into Ukrainian territory without declaring war early in the morning on February 24. The enemies managed to take control, in particular, part of the Luhansk region.

The defenders of Ukraine gave a worthy rebuff to the enemy. state as of August 2, about 41,170 enemies have been eliminated on our soil.

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