The Russian military is looking for ways to go home

The military of the occupying army of the Russian Federation are demoralized due to heavy losses in their ranks and looking for ways to get back home. About it informed General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The Russian occupiers will suffer losses, are demoralized and are looking for any opportunity to get slightly injured. To get back to the territory of the Russian Federation, they resort to self-mutilation and various simulations of poor health, ” – stated in the message of the General Staff.

They add that Ukrainian troops, in particular aviation, are delivering accurate and crushing strikes on the positions of Russian troops.

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“Our fighter aviation continues to patrol the airspace of Ukraine, and the strike aircraft, not without success, provides fire support to units in certain operational areas,” added to the General Staff.

It should be reminded that according to the preliminary information of the General Staff, the Russian occupying forces use Belarus not only as a springboard for launching missile strikes on Ukraine. From there the Russians are also deploying sabotage and reconnaissance groups to the territory of Ukraine.

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