The representative of the Turkish company claims that the barley in the port of Lebanon is not Ukrainian

The official representative of the Turkish grain company denied the theft of barley and flour from Ukraine, which are on board a ship moored in the Lebanese port of Tripoli. How informs Reuters, a representative of Loyal Agro Co LTD, who, however, did not introduce himself, said that Russia is the source of the flour and grain.

The company was trying to import the grain by ship to Lebanon to sell to private buyers, not the Lebanese government, he said. Lebanese officials did not comment on the situation, Reuters reported.

In a statement to the publication on Friday, the Ukrainian embassy said a Ukrainian court had ordered the vessel and cargo to be seized. According to the representative of the diplomatic mission, in case of confiscation of the cargo, Ukraine will be ready to negotiate the terms of its transfer to Lebanon.

The Russian embassy in Beirut said they “have no information about a Syrian vessel or cargo delivered to Lebanon by a private company.”

Recall that yesterday The Ukrainian Embassy in Beirut said that the U.S.-sanctioned Syrian vessel Laodicea, aboard stolen barley in Ukraine, has docked in the port of Tripoli in northern Lebanon,

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