“The Quintessence of Hatred” How Russia responded to the call to “eradicate the Russian world”

“You know, this is the quintessence of that hatred for the Russians, which, probably, like metastases, struck both the entire Polish politics, the entire Polish leadership, and, in fact, Polish society in many respects, to our regret. This is a completely outrageous statement, frantic and unacceptable, ”Peskov said, commenting on the words of Morawiecki from columns for The Telegraph newspaper.

Deputies of the State Duma came out with sharp criticism of Morawiecki. Vice speaker Irina Yarovaya said that “the degree of Russophobia has gone off scale” and added that hatred of any people should be condemned and suppressed as extremism.

“The fascist statement of Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morowiecki is not only his personal shame, his betrayal of the memory of thousands of Poles exterminated by Hitler and Bandera, as well as thousands of people saved by Soviet soldiers. It is a crime”, – leads words Yarovaya press service of “United Russia”.

According to the speaker of the State Duma, “Russophobic rhetoric has already turned into a criminal bill of extremism, risking becoming the new Euro-American eugenics.”

The Russian world is millions of people. “Eradicate” ideology? What is it about? Take away language, soul, faith, mercy, ideals of family and kindness, life? Yarovaya said.

Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov compared Morawiecki’s words with those of Nazi Germany leader Adolf Hitler. According to him, the statement of the Polish prime minister “indicates that neo-Nazism, cherished by America, has flourished not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe.”

“With this statement, Morawiecki confirmed what the Communist Party of the Russian Federation had long asserted: Russia is fighting not with Ukraine, but with a united Europe led by the United States, which needs a war to overcome the crisis and maintain a unipolar world,” wrote in Telegram, the leader of the Communist Party.

I saw analogies with the rhetoric of the Third Reich in the words of the head of the Polish government and the head of the international committee of the State Duma, Leonid Slutsky. In his opinion, Morawiecki “continues to set the ‘standards of Russophobia’.”

“But the Russian world has indeed been declared a hybrid war. And its victims, among other things, were the very European values ​​that Brussels and Strasbourg so cherished. Censorship, bans, the notorious “cancellation culture” have replaced freedom of speech, true democracy and equality,” — wrote Slutsky.

Fighting at such a pace with the non-existent “cancer of the Russian world,” Europe risks itself falling from the “sarcoma of Nazism,” the deputy added.

What Morawiecki said

In an op-ed for The Telegraph published on May 10, the head of the Polish government said that Russia uses the ideology of the Russian world to justify its own rights and privileges, as well as the special historical role of the Russian people. This, according to Morawiecki, poses a threat to the whole of Europe.

“We cannot harbor any illusions. This is not madness, but a deliberate strategy that has already opened the gates to genocide. The Russian world is a cancer that not only devours most of Russian society, but also poses a mortal threat to all of Europe. Therefore, it is not enough to support Ukraine in its struggle with Russia. We must completely eradicate this monstrous new ideology,” wrote the head of the Polish government.

The Prime Minister of Poland expressed confidence that Russia was planning a “long march to the West” and called on the international community to “de-Putinize”.

The illusion that history cannot repeat itself was disproved on February 24 of this year, the representative of Warsaw said.

According to the Prime Minister of Poland, if the West does not start confronting the Russian world right now, it will “lose not only Ukraine, it will lose its soul, freedom and sovereignty.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the need to strengthen the Russian world three weeks before the start of the special operation at the ceremony of presenting the highest state awards in the Kremlin.

“He is such a many-sided Russian world, huge. We didn’t create it. Our mission is to strengthen it, develop it and make it attractive for our citizens, for the whole world,” said Russian leader.

Morawiecki v. Russia

After the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, the Polish authorities repeatedly made harsh statements against Moscow. April 7 The New York Times wrotethat Poland takes one of the most radical positions towards Russia among NATO members, insisting on a complete severance of relations with Moscow and advocating measures that “bring Russia to its knees.” Besides:

  • Prime Minister of Poland Morawiecki is credited with statement that what was once considered Russophobia, after the start of the special operation, “became mainstream.”

  • After the events in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, Morawiecki lashed out not only at Russia, but also at Germany, calling it “the main brake on decisive sanctions,” and French President Emanuel Macron urged stop the dialogue with Vladimir Putin, since these negotiations, in his opinion, “led to nothing.”

  • April 23 Prime Minister launched campaign campaign “Stop Russia Now” (Stop Russia Now), within the framework of which it is planned to place campaign billboards in different European countries. At the same time, he again accused the Europeans of not being sufficiently concerned about Moscow’s actions.

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