The price of buckwheat will drop significantly, more than other products

In August, buckwheat in Ukraine may become significantly cheaper, which is facilitated by the indicators of the new cereal crop. This was reported by an analyst of the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business (UCAB) Svetlana Litvin, writes Agronews.

According to Lytvyn, thanks to the new harvest, buckwheat prices could fall the most.

“The most noticeable decline should be for buckwheat, since this year there was a certain shortage for this product due to the rush demand against the backdrop of the war. And just the harvest of the new year can improve the situation with the high price of buckwheat,” she said.

Currently, a kilogram of buckwheat is sold in Ukraine at a price of more than 90 UAH.

This is how the offers of online services of four popular retail supermarkets in Kyiv look like.

Recall that annually Ukrainians consume an average of 130-140 thousand tons of buckwheat. This year, Ukraine will be able to harvest only about 20,000 tons of buckwheat with the required minimum of 100,000 tons, prices will continue to rise. About it previously stated by the financial and economic observer Bogdan Slutsky.

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