The price of autogas – Fuel has fallen in price by a quarter in July

During the month prices for liquefied gas (autogas) in the networks of Ukrainian gas stations fell by an average of 27% – reports enkorr with reference to the data of daily monitoring of the retail market of the A-95 Consulting Group.

In July, prices at gas stations on average decreased by UAH 10.37 per liter, or by 27% as a percentage to UAH 28.97 per liter.

Yes, by monitoring dataat gas stations “OKKO” autogas fell by 8.79 per liter to 29.20 per liter.

Filling station network “WOG” reduced prices for motor gas by UAH 8.75 per liter to UAH 29.23 per liter of fuel.

Consolidated network of filling stations “Privat” at the end of the month decided not to change the price of gas. Thus, at its stations, autogas both cost and costs from 28.55 to 29.08 UAH per liter.

Net “Advantage 7” at its gas stations set a price of UAH 26.95 per liter, which is minus UAH 11.00 per liter during the month.

At the stations “KLO” fuel can be bought for 28.77 UAH per liter. The reduction in price for the month amounted to UAH 9.02 per liter.

At gas stations SOCAR a little more expensive, but in a month the price for it decreased by UAH 9.50 per liter, to UAH 30.48 per liter.

In networks “BRSM-Neft”, “Shell”, “Chipo”, “Neftek”, “BVS”, “Ovis” and other automobile gas fell by UAH 8.50-16.50 per liter during the month.

According to analysts, over the month, the average cost of wholesale LPG consignments on the terms of self-export decreased from UAH 55,000 per ton to UAH 40,500 per ton. In percentage terms, this is about 26%.

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Recall experts believe that there will be no shortage of automotive fuel in Ukraine in the coming months.

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