The occupiers filmed a propaganda video with a crossing along the Antonovsky bridge

The occupiers showed how the ferry transported civilians on foot and people on motorcycles and vehicles from coast to coast.

The occupiers built a crossing near the damaged Antonovsky bridge / screenshot from the video

In the sixth month of Russia’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine, the occupiers released a video showing a Russian-built ferry crossing in Kherson.

According to the propaganda videothe invaders set up a crossing near the damaged Antonovsky.

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The occupiers showed how they ferry civilians and people on motor vehicles from coast to coast on a ferry, in order to create a picture of how they “help” local residents.

Antonovsky bridge:

July 26 APU hit along the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson.

Later collaborators reportedthat the railway bridge was also damaged.

The objects are not completely destroyed, but it is impossible to move around them by transport.

Roadway now accessible only for walking.

On July 30, British intelligence reported that the enemy had installed pontoon bridges near Kherson and ferry crossing.

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