The occupation of Berdyansk – people’s deputy told how the city was captured – UNIAN

Chernev told how the resort town came under the control of Russian invaders.

Pro-Ukrainian rallies in occupied Berdyansk / photo:

The Russian invaders managed to quickly capture Berdyansk (Zaporozhye region) due to the lack of large forces and means for defense in the city.

People’s Deputy Yegor Chernev told about this on the air Radio NV.

According to him, there were fights in the Kherson region and in Melitopol. The remaining garrison in Berdyansk withdrew.

“We remember that in the early days there were protests, actions of disobedience, but over time they simply began to physically catch the activists, lock them up in the police station and actually torture them. Therefore, open resistance came to naught, but at the same time, there are partisan detachments that work, sabotage work [оккупантов] … There were no forces and means to resist the number of Russian troops that at that time were coming from the side of the Kherson region,” he explained.

According to Chernev, a small garrison of border guards, a territorial defense company were located in the city, and ATO participants lived.

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“In addition, they were already mobilized in the first days and ended up in other units. Therefore, in fact, what happened happened. You remember that there was such a quick breakthrough – already on the third day Berdyansk was occupied, besides Melitopol” added the MP.

He said that most city officials did not agree to work with the occupiers, however cases of collaborationism recorded among the police.

“Just officials, as far as I know, didn’t stay there. That is, for some time the acting mayor was still there, he was engaged in humanitarian assistance to the inhabitants of the city of Berdyansk, but since the beginning of the persecution, he left the city. The people’s deputy remained there from this district Ponomarev It is difficult for me to comment whether he cooperates, but [он] yet there. Here, do you understand what happened? Many refused to cooperate in the city administration and other Berdyansk residents with low qualifications came to their places. Relatively speaking, who was the janitor there, who was the gas station attendant, and so on. But most of all I was struck by the transition of the Berdyansk police, as I know, there more than 20 people went over to the side of the invaders and are now cooperating with them,” says Chernev.

Before a full-scale invasion, local security forces received instructions to leave the territories in the event of occupation, he added.

“But it was their own choice, and they stayed. But there are other examples. One of my friends was kidnapped, they had these “talks” and he heard [во время этого] in fact, the cries of a man who was in a neighboring office. Then it became known that this was one of the policemen, who was forced to go over to the side of the invaders, he refused and he was simply tortured to death,” the deputy says.

As UNIAN reported, in the center of Berdyansk, temporarily occupied by the Russian military, on Russia Day flaming military vehicles marked “Z”.

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