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Prosecutor General Andrey Kostin said that now in the front-line regions of Ukraine, prosecutors are being tested for collaboration activities. They also check 600 employees who have crossed the state border since February 24. Kostin said this on the air of the telethon.

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Kostin said that today he signed an order to conduct an internal investigation into prosecutors in the front-line regions, including those who were under temporary occupation, “in order to check who was where, how the actions took place regarding the protection of the premises of the prosecutor’s office, case materials , property, and most importantly, is there any information that may indicate the possible involvement of prosecutors in collaboration activities.

In recent months, according to Kostin, the suspicion was reported to five prosecutors and three civil servants. One case has already gone to trial.

“Now work is underway on 600 employees of the prosecutor’s office who crossed the border. Each of them is being checked,” the prosecutor general said.

“But the main thing is that from today the UCP General Inspectorate will conduct an internal investigation in order to establish the possible involvement of prosecutors,” he added.

  • July 17th Irina Venediktova was suspended from the post of Prosecutor General, and her deputy Oleksiy Symonenko became acting acting.

  • On the same day, Zelensky dismissed the head of the SBU Ivan Bakanov. The president explained the resignation of Venediktova and Bakanov by a large number of traitors in law enforcement agencies who went over to the side of the Russian Federation after a full-scale invasion.

  • July 18 Verkhovna Rada supported dismissal of Venediktova.

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