the network showed simultaneous strikes from four HIMARS (video) — UNIAN

The scale of the defeat is hard to imagine.

Ukrainians were shown the simultaneous operation of four HIMARS / photo General Staff

Ukrainian soldiers hit the Russian invaders simultaneously from four multiple launch rocket systems HIMARS.

powerful video shared journalist Roman Bochkala.

The footage shows the work of the American MLRS, which are located in the field. Alternately, HIMARS fired several dozen missiles at targets.

“Working as an adversary,” the warrior clarified behind the scenes.

The journalist added that the scale of the fire damage is hard to even imagine.

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As UNIAN reported earlier, the Russians regularly report on the “destruction” of HIMARS in Ukraine. In particular, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu recently reported on the destruction of American MLRS. At the same time, at the Pentagon, these statements emphatically refute.

“We are aware of these latest statements by the Minister (of Defense of the Russian Federation – UNIAN) Shoigu, and they are again clearly false,” Pentagon spokesman Todd Bressail said.

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