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After the singer confirmed her romance with Mikhail Katsurin, there were no more questions about her personal life. However, then Alexei Zavgorodniy showed an ambiguous photo with Nadia.

Positive and Nadia Dorofeeva / Photo -

Nadya Dorofeeva officially confirmed the relationship with Mikhail Katsurin. However, on the same day, her ex-colleague in the Time and Glass group, Alexei Zavgorodniy (Positiff), was intrigued by a spicy photo where he and the artist almost kissed. After that, the fans had a lot of questions, the answers to which celebrities stubbornly avoid.

“Chi at once? 24.06,” Positive signed the pictures from the stage, where he and Nadezhda, it would seem, are about to kiss.

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In the comments, fans literally “exploded” with questions.

“For us, you are always together”, “What kind of flash mob is this”, “Really?”, “Lesha, blink twice if you are hostage”, “Love polygon?”, “Schemers, damn it”, “I don’t do anything I understand!”, “Will there be a joint song again?”, Subscribers write.

Positive and Nadia Dorofeeva / Photo -

Recall Kamensky and Potap were hated online. The reason for the hate was that the artists left Ukraine during the war.

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