The mother of a Ukrainian fighter sang a lullaby near his coffin and brought the net to tears

The network sympathizes with the mother and wish her strength to survive such a tragedy.

Mother sang for the last time for her son / Screenshot

On Tuesday, June 21, Lviv hosts farewell ceremony with the fallen Heroes of Ukraine. A video with a lullaby performed by the mother of one of the fallen at his coffin touched the network.

The fighter Andrei Dimid, who died during a battle with Russian invaders near Donetsk, was taken on his last journey. It was his mother who sang for the last time for her son at his coffin.

The corresponding video was published by Irina Salo in Facebook. “Artem Dimid’s mother sings her last lullaby to her son,” she wrote.

“It hurts a lot”, “Unfortunate, heartbroken mother… Shaking her son…”, “Goosebumps”, “How to survive,” users write under the video.

Who is Artemy Dimid

Artemy is the son of a well-known Lvov spouse-priest, UCU professor Mikhail Dimid and icon painter Ivanka Dimid. He is also the great-grandson of the famous Ukrainian historian Ivan Krypyakevich.

A 27-year-old man participated in the ATO as part of a battalion of the Harpoon special forces unit and the Azov regiment. He was also a scoundrel.

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