The Latvian Security Service is concerned about the massive penetration of Russian media into the country

The State Security Service of Latvia has warned the country’s top officials about the risks associated with the fact that more and more Russian media companies are starting to operate in Latvia, reports Delfi.

Latvian radio reportedthat since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, more than 200 Russian journalists and 23 mass media have emigrated to Latvia from Russia. Some of them have already officially started work from Riga.

The State Security Service of the country, in a written explanation to the Latvian Radio, stated that “assesses what is happening in the information space in the context of the current geopolitical situation and Russia’s aggressive war in Ukraine.”

“The State Security Service is constantly assessing the risks arising from Russia’s targeted and systematic efforts to influence the information space and the media. The State Security Service has been informed about the work of Russian independent media in Latvia. In this regard, the service has identified risks to the security of the Latvian information space, as well as intelligence risks related to the fact that the activities of the media have traditionally been in favor of the Russian special services. The State Security Service informed the top leadership of the country about this, “- service reports.

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Recall Latvia at the border requires the Russians to sign a document condemning the war in Ukraine.

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