The Kremlin spoke about the possible nationalization of Nord Stream 2 by the German authorities

The German authorities have thought about nationalizing part of Nord Stream 2, informs Der Spiegel. In particular, Berlin would like to isolate the section of the pipeline passing through the country in order to supply gas to the southern regions with its help. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that it makes no sense to discuss these initiatives without any specifics.

“Let’s not engage in hypothetical reasoning. If there are such actions it will be a job for the lawyers to give a legal assessment to such actions if they are indeed under discussion. But without knowing the essence of what is happening, it would be wrong to say something, ” — informed Kremlin representative.

What Der Spiegel said

According to the sources of the German magazine, the German Ministry of Economy is studying the option nationalization of the German section of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The interlocutors of the publication note that the plan is as follows: disconnect the part of the pipeline passing through the territory of Germany from the main part and reconnect it to the LNG mobile terminal in order to further transport gas to the southern part of the country.

But there are a number of problems that hinder this, writes Der Spiegel. Firstly, the laying of the pipeline was agreed with environmentalists, and any changes would not only require new documentation, but could also damage the environment.

In addition, property rights have not yet been resolved. In particular, the bankruptcy process pipeline operator Nord Stream 2 AG has not yet been completed (in Switzerland, the court suspended the procedure until September 10).

Third problem – the reaction of Russia and fears that Moscow may nationalize German companies, the magazine notes. “Gazprom” expects to resume the operation of the pipeline in two or three years, the newspaper notes. In addition, Nord Stream 2 is still being serviced to keep it fit in the short term. Therefore, according to sources of the publication, Berlin is considering the possibility of building a pipeline parallel to Nord Stream 2 as an alternative.

The issue of gas supplies for Germany is very important. On the one hand, the certification procedure for Nord Stream 2 was suspended by the German authorities after Russia recognized the LDNR, and Economy Minister and Vice Chancellor Robert Habek declaredthat Moscow is using natural gas supplies as a weapon.

On the other hand, the state had to allow the reactivation of part of the coal thermal power plants in order to somehow solve the issue of heating for citizens in the context of the sanctions imposed against Russia. In addition, the Financial Times informedthat Germany is seriously afraid of a complete shutdown of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline by Gazprom for maintenance in July, without an increase in supplies through Ukraine and Poland. Underground gas storage facilities are now just over half full, and consumer heating prices have skyrocketed following the imposition of several packages of anti-Russian sanctions due to fighting in Ukraine.

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