The journalist described the current state of Donetsk with an eloquent photo – UNIAN

Residents of the city face serious problems due to the lack of water in the taps.

Donetsk was occupied in 2014 / photo

Donetsk during the years of Russian occupation, it has turned from a prosperous metropolis into a city that does not have basic communications for residents.

This is evidenced by an announcement posted at one of the entrances of the high-rise building. His photo was published by the Donetsk Telegram channel, after which the picture began to be replicated on the network.

The authors of the ad are asking residents of the upper floors to “stop pouring urine out the windows.” Probably, such actions may be related to the long-term absence of centralized water supply in the city and the inability to use the toilet.

“Once Donetsk was one of the richest cities in Ukraine. Stars of the world stage and world football performed in it. Modern infrastructure facilities were built. Life was in full swing. And then the Russian world came. And now there is no water in Donetsk for weeks, and residents of high-rise buildings pour excrement at the windows, comments photo journalist Denis Kazansky, who left the city after the start of Russian aggression in 2014.

Formerly in the Armed Forces pointed to a new “chip” Russian occupiers in Donetsk.

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