The Foreign Ministry advised the Russians to refrain from traveling to the UK

After the start of the special operation, the Foreign Ministry receives numerous complaints from Russians, who “become virtually impossible or extremely difficult” to obtain a visa to the UK. The agency noted that it is not only tourists who face difficulties, but also Russians who need to visit the United Kingdom for work or personal purposes, such as “reuniting with families.”

“In this regard, we raised the issue of the current unacceptable situation with the British Embassy in Moscow, demanded clear explanations regarding the essence of the problem. According to the explanations of the British, at present the UK Visa Service allegedly gives priority to the processing of visa applications for Ukrainian refugees. For this reason, the consideration of applications for British visas by Russians is significantly delayed,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The diplomatic service also noted that payment of the visa fee now seems difficult, since “taking into account the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by London, it will not be possible to pay it with Visa or Mastercard cards of the Russian issuing bank.”

They directly pointed out to the British that such an approach of London to ordinary citizens of our country contradicts all previously reached Russian-British agreements on consular issues, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

According to Russian diplomats, the UK demonstrates an unacceptable disdain for Russians and infringes on the rights of Russian citizens for political reasons. Against this background, citizens are advised to refrain, if possible, from traveling to the UK and trying to obtain British visas.

“Until the situation is normalized, we will act in the same way with regard to the British,” the Foreign Ministry said.

British sanctions against Russia

After the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, the UK authorities imposed numerous sanctions against Moscow. Last thing extension the list of persons against whom restrictions were introduced occurred on May 13. Under them fell the Russians, who, according to London, keep the assets of the President of Russia, and also receive top positions in exchange for loyalty. Such persons include, in particular:

  • gymnast and chairman of the board of directors of the National Media Group holding Alina Kabaeva;

  • ex-wife of the President of Russia Lyudmila Ocheretnaya (formerly – Lyudmila Putina);

  • owner of Vital Development Corporation and “close friend” of the Russian President Alexander Plekhov;

  • son of Putin’s childhood friend Vladimir Kolbin. He, according to London, received support from the Russian state as a director of the Gelendzhik Sea Port LLC;

  • Yuri Shamalov is the brother of Putin’s former son-in-law Kirill Shamalov, president of Gazfond and member of the board of directors of Gazprombank.

  • Russian lawyer and businessman Viktor Khmarin. He, according to the British government, owned a number of enterprises, including Nefteproduktservis LLC, which worked in the Russian energy sector.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has already expressed Britain officially protested the sanctions and pointed out that the continuation of such a “destructive line” would lead to “the final destruction of bilateral ties.” With this statement, the department responded to sanctions against Russian media.

“The desire of the British authorities, under far-fetched and absurd pretexts, to spin the sanctions flywheel and the statements of officials of this country accompanying such decisions, in which threats are interspersed with lies and outright rudeness against us, indicate that London has made the final choice in favor of open confrontation with Russia “, – said the Foreign Ministry

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