The fall of an asteroid to Earth – on August 3, a large asteroid will fly past the Earth at high speed

An asteroid with a diameter of 380 meters, which can be compared to the size of the Empire State Building, will fly past the Earth on August 3. According to Newsweek, the asteroid was discovered just a few days ago. However, it does not pose any danger to the planet.

The asteroid, designated 2022 OE2, will fly by at a distance of 5.14 million kilometers from Earth. This is 13 times greater than the distance from our planet to the moon, so there is no chance that an asteroid will crash into the Earth.

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Asteroids are rocky objects that orbit the Sun, much like planets, but much smaller. Determining the size of a “space rock” is not an easy task. This is usually done based on how bright an object appears in the sky.

“The bigger it is, the more light it will reflect and therefore the brighter it will appear. However, this requires an assumption of how reflective the material it is made of is, and it can vary greatly. Throw in a number of other features, and the actual size of the object can be very different from the calculated value, ”explained Greg Brown, an astronomer at the Royal Greenwich Observatory in the UK.

Because of such uncertainties, scientists tend to give a range in which the size of an asteroid can be included. So, the approximate dimensions of 2022 OE2 are 170-380 meters.

The speed with which it moves is 116 thousand kilometers per hour.

At the moment, scientists know about 29 thousand near-Earth objects. Some of them, based on the size and distance to the planet, are classified as potentially dangerous. But despite this name, there is no chance that any of these objects will collide with the Earth in the coming centuries.

In November, NASA launched the DART probe, which is supposed to crash into the satellite of the asteroid Dimorph and change its trajectory. However, simulations carried out by scientists showed that this the collision may not go quite as expected.

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