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The expert predicts that in November a kilogram of buckwheat will cost up to 50 hryvnia.

Buckwheat has risen in price in May, but will fall in price in autumn - forecast / photo

Growth observed in Ukraine since May prices for buckwheat, a kilogram of which now costs up to 90 hryvnia. In autumn, popular cereals should become cheaper.

Writes about it “Telegraph” with reference to the forecast of the head of the International Association of Buckwheat Producers and Processors Nikolay Malienko. According to him, the current price increase is due to the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, and also partially, its export abroad.

“In the spring, our farm sold selected buckwheat seed grain for 32,000 hryvnias per ton, there were those who sold it for 50-70 thousand hryvnias. Now a ton of marketable buckwheat on the market costs 40,000 hryvnias, in retail it is clear that it is about twice as expensive,” he comments.

The expert calls the presence of buckwheat the main reason for the price change.

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“After a sharp drop in buckwheat crops from 100,000 hectares to 67,000 and an increase in prices for it in 2021, farmers are increasing the area under this crop. For example, according to my calculations, this year about 120-130 thousand hectares were allocated for it, productivity of 1 ton per hectare, which is quite realistic, we can get 120-130 thousand tons of buckwheat in the fall, which is quite enough for the country’s domestic needs,” Mykola Malienko said.

According to him, if farmers manage to harvest such a crop, the cost of buckwheat is likely to fall from the current 40,000 hryvnia to about 25,000 hryvnia.

“This will give the retail price of buckwheat in stores in November at about 45-50 hryvnia per kilogram,” he predicted.

Previously it was reported that prices for buckwheat in Ukraine increased in connection with the excitement due to the start of a full-scale war with Russia. In the future, they will decrease when there is a new crop.

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