The expert explained how to destroy the Crimean bridge – UNIAN

For the operation, long-range missiles are required.

Crimean bridge / REUTERS illustration

For destruction Crimean bridge a complex and multi-vector operation will be required, the launch of one long-range ATACMS missile will not solve the issue, says Conflict Intelligence Team researcher Kirill Mikhailov.

He said this on air. Radio NV.

According to him, the Ukrainian army will have to use unmanned aerial vehicles, aviation, and possibly even sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

“This issue can be resolved, and long-range missiles should play a leading role in it. But it is much more difficult than pressing a button and destroying the bridge, unfortunately,” the expert said.

Mikhailov stressed that Russian air defense can shoot down some HIMARS missiles: for example, one in five. However, it is powerless against GMLRS missiles.

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“Therefore, even if tomorrow Ukraine receives ATACMS, first of all it will be necessary to destroy, neutralize the Russian air defense. GMLRS missiles are capable of this. We saw the destruction of the Russian S-300 battery, the destruction of radar stations, electronic warfare equipment. “possibly, but I believe that this is a prerequisite for the use of ATACMS-type ballistic missiles,” said the CIT analyst.

After that, he predicts, the entire temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, including Crimea, will be in the zone of fire destruction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which provides new opportunities.

As UNIAN reported, on July 16, Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the Presidential Office, stated that Crimean bridge is waiting for fate “towers Boyko”.

After that, State Duma deputy from the “Crimean region” Mikhail Sheremet threatened with a “crushing blow” to Kyiv, if Ukraine attacks Crimean bridge.

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