The European Union forms the next package of assistance to Ukraine

The European Union intends to form another one by September financial aid package Ukraine in the amount of about 8 billion euros, reports DW.

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According to Reuters, citing a source in the German government, the package will consist of two parts and include grants that do not need to be returned, and loans.

According to the interlocutor of Reuters, Germany is in favor of a more equitable distribution of the financial burden among EU members. That is, the EU countries that have not yet provided assistance will now have to do more than those that have provided assistance, according to Berlin.

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Germany is still ready to provide assistance to Ukraine and is working closely with the European Commission and European partners, an unnamed representative of the German cabinet said in an interview with Reuters.

Recall that in July the Council of the European Union approved the proposal of the European Commission to allocate 1 billion euros to Ukraine the first tranche of new macro-financial assistance to Ukraine, which should total 9 billion euros.

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