The EU may lose a third of the volume of Russian gas

The EU today may not receive a third of the volume of Russian gas supplied through the GTS of Ukraine.

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This opinion was expressed by the deputy head of the National Energy Security Fund Alexei Grivach. “Tomorrow, the EU may miss a third of the gas going through Ukraine if Naftogaz does not fulfill its transit obligations and does not release the volume stipulated by applications for transit at exit points in Europe and Moldova,” said expert for the RIA Novosti agency.

“If the transit crisis develops and transit through Ukraine stops completely, then the volume of gas supply may fall by about a third if it is not compensated through other routes,” Grivach added. Gas prices in the EU will go up, and the growth of quotations will be caused by a physical shortage of supply. Then the process of pumping gas into European underground storage facilities will be in question, the expert concluded.

Earlier, the GTS Operator of Ukraine (OGTS) announced that gas transit to Europe through the Sohranivka station would be terminated from 07:00. The company reported “force majeure circumstances” that make it impossible to further transport gas through this station and the Novopskov compressor station, which are under Russian control. It was noted that up to 32.6 million cubic meters per day passes through Novopskov.

The OGTS asserts that it is possible to temporarily move unavailable capacity from the Sohranivka physical connection point to the Sudzha physical connection point located in Ukrainian-controlled territory. Naftogaz also notified Gazprom that if Russian gas continues to be supplied to the Sokhranivka station, the volume of its pumping at the exit from the gas transmission network of Ukraine will be reduced accordingly.


Gazprom is ready to continue sending gas to the EU through Sokhranivka

Gazprom confirmed that it had received a notification from the GTS Operator of Ukraine to stop transit through the Sokhranovka GIS from May 11 due to alleged force majeure, Gazprom spokesman Sergey Kupriyanov said.

“In this regard, Gazprom declares that it has not received any confirmation of the circumstances of force majeure, and does not see any obstacles for continuing to work as before. All this time, Ukrainian specialists have been quietly working on the Sokhranovka GIS and the Novopskov CS and continue to do so. Transit through the “Sohranivka” was provided in full volumethere were no complaints from counterparties, and there are none,” Kupriyanov added.

“The transfer of volumes to the Sudzha GIS, based on the Russian flow scheme, is technologically impossible. The distribution of volumes is clearly spelled out in the cooperation agreement dated December 30, 2019, and the Ukrainian side is well aware of this, ”says his message on the company’s Telegram channel. :///

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