The EU called the conditions under which Europe can return to dialogue with Russia

EU sanctions have a signaling function that indicates the unacceptability of Russia’s behavior.

Josep Borrell / photo REUTERS

Head of the EU Foreign Service Josep Borrell called the conditions under which Europe can return to dialogue with Russia.

This is reported Radio Liberty.

“As far as Europe is concerned, we still remain open to dialogue with Russia, provided that it renounces its imperial claims and respects the integrity of all states, including Ukraine,” says the document, in which Borrell analyzes the impact of EU sanctions. on the Russian economy and its geopolitical position.

Commenting on the EU’s dependence on Russian energy resources, he noted that Europe has expressed its willingness to act and take risks in proportion to the scale of the challenge.

“Of course, this detoxification from Russian energy is not painless for some countries or certain sectors. And this has sharply affected consumer prices. However, the decoupling is irreversible. Such an approach is all the more important and timely because it is in line with our climate ambitions. Public opinion will not accept any reversal even after the end of the war,” said the head of EU diplomacy.

He notes that the EU sanctions have a signaling function, indicating the unacceptability of Russia’s behavior, and a coercive one, which is aimed at stopping the financing of the Kremlin’s military machine.

As UNIAN reported, EU vows to bring those responsible to justice in committing a terrorist attack in Yelenovka Russians.

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