the destruction is terrible, the city is being shelled with rockets and air bombs – UNIAN

There is access to the city, the so-called silent evacuation is constantly taking place.

Russia is trying to occupy Lisichansk / photo

AT Lisichansk very difficult situation. Russian troops are shelling the city with large calibers: rockets, air bombs, self-propelled guns like “Tulip”, “Hyacinth”.

This was stated by the head of the Lugansk regional military-civilian administration Sergei Gaidai in an interview Forbes.

“The destruction in Lisichansk is terrible. But there is access to the city, the so-called silent evacuation is constantly taking place – 20-30 people are carefully taken out per day. There is an opportunity to evacuate more locals, but people do not always want to leave. They make a decision only when they have already arrived in their driveway or when the road you can take is completely destroyed,” he said.

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Today, about 15% of the population remains in the city.

“The military, volunteers, the administration all help to evacuate civilians. For example, 23 people were saved today. The evacuation continues, there is an opportunity to deliver humanitarian supplies there,” Gaidai added.

He noted that the closer Russian troops get, the closer they can place artillery and mortars. “And shelling in the city will be more dense. Their tactics are the same as everywhere else: to destroy house after house,” Gaidai added.

Earlier it became known that the Ukrainian military stopped the offensive of the Russian invaders in the direction of the southern outskirts of Lisichansk, Luhansk region – they inflicted losses on the enemy and forced them to retreat.

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