The defeat of Russia in the war with Ukraine. Kuleba explained why it is difficult for the West to accept this – news from Ukraine, Politics

It is difficult for politicians and leaders in the West to accept the idea that the result of the war should be Ukrainian victory, because they grew up on the principle of win-win, when both parties must gain something as a result, and it takes time to change these deep-seated beliefs. Told about it Ukrinform Foreign Secretary Dmitry Kuleba.

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He sees evolution in the West “in the right direction”, although it is difficult for people in the West to do this for two reasons, the Foreign Minister listed.

“The whole European political philosophy is built on the idea of ​​win-win <...> Even for those who have a good attitude towards Ukraine, the opinion of the defeat of Russia simply did not fit into their heads: it is so big, so powerful, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, with a nuclear button , Dostoevsky, ballet – how can this happen?”, – the minister explained.

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Therefore, it is not easy for people in the West when “Ukraine comes and says – no win-win, there will be win-lose”, and adds that “all these writers and ballet have nothing to do with it, because we are dealing with an absolutely barbaric state on the border Europe, which is trying to destroy us all.”

In communications, the most difficult task, Kuleba added, is to change deep-seated beliefs, so the West “requires some time.”

He called another problem that many in the West have a picture that the Russian Federation attacked only Ukraine, although the Kremlin is waging a hybrid war against the whole of Europe, and they “should understand that helping Ukraine is not charity, but an investment in the future.” and your own safety.”

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