The cooling will spread, the temperature in Ukraine will drop to +12°

Tomorrow, June 22, the cold snap will spread to most of Ukraine.

Tomorrow the cold snap will spread to most of Ukraine / photo REUTERS

Wednesday, June 22 coolingwhich covered the western and northern regions, will spread to most of Ukraine.

This was told by the weather forecaster Igor Kibalchich, reports meteoprog.

According to his forecast, the air temperature at night on June 22 is expected to be within +12…+17 °С, in the extreme east up to +21 °С; in the afternoon, the thermometers will show +20…+25 °С, in the northern and central regions no more than +15…+20 °С.

“The wind is expected to be predominantly of the western and north-western direction, 7-12 m/s, in the western, central and southern regions, gusts, 15-20 m/s,” the forecaster warned.

According to him, it will also rain in the northern, central and eastern regions tomorrow.

Recall today, 21st of June in many regions of Ukraine Thunderstorms and strong winds expected. For this declared I level of danger.

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