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I am becoming more and more convinced that we are witnessing the collapse of the world order familiar to us. Russia, which attacked Ukraine and unleashed for no reason the biggest and bloodiest war in Europe in the last 77 years, is only the first link in the chain. The deaths of people on both sides, the destruction of the economy and huge losses, the isolation of Russia, the incitement of hatred and contempt for itself, as well as the similarity with the Nazis in the behavior model, do not bother the Kremlin much.

They fight for resources and territory. And that means money. Salvage is the most important thing for them, and the Kremlin does not consider human losses. People are expendable for them. But in the end, Russia started a war that it cannot win, does not know how to end it, and which in the long run only bears losses, both financial and moral.

China, ready to start a third world war with the US over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, despite its centuries-old history, today resembles a teenager in puberty, who is eager to demonstrate his machismo against the backdrop of youthful maximalism. The fact that tomorrow there may be nothing left of the familiar world seems to be not very worried in Beijing, today it cares more about its image in the eyes of voters. After all, if Beijing does nothing after his ominous statementsthis may prevent Chinese leader Xi Jinping from becoming the leader of the PRC for the third time at the autumn party congress.

Why make loud statements about a visit that did not pose any threat to China, but which is now leading to a third world war? Where is the well-known Chinese endurance and the ability to predict the development of the situation?

Kosovo and Serbia

Saber-rattling Serbia and Kosovo today it is already perceived through the prism of events in Ukraine not as some kind of already familiar Balkan provincial showdown, but as a real possibility of starting another war in Europe, a war without a real reason. A war that will take many lives, destroy the homes, economies, communications and relationships of millions of people. And this is the fire from which it can catch fire and nearby. It is clear that now there will be no war, but sooner or later everything can happen. And then it will go…

Iran, Afghanistan and Co.

Iran, which wants to create a nuclear bomb to destroy Israel, or Afghanistan, in which the Taliban are ready to kill those who do not agree with them – these are the Middle Ages, savagery and barbarism, which only confirm that in our time there are many people who are ready to live without in a modern, moral, progressive society, but according to the savage traditions that are more familiar to them. By the way, the President Vladimir Putin acts in the same way, because the traditions of the USSR are closer to him than European standards and values. And he recognizes strength as the main argument.

In general, people showed themselves not as intelligent beings, but as stupid suicidal people. As Mikhail Zhvanetsky said: “What do not do with a person, he stubbornly crawls to the cemetery.” And humanity today shows that it is prone to self-destruction, and the world order familiar to us all is not stable and fragile. Instead of creating something that moves humanity forward, the prerequisites are created for sending humanity into the past, through the filter of nuclear winter. This is some hell of a thrash.

War has again become an active tool for achieving results. Not dialogue, negotiation, arguments or opening up perspectives, but death, destruction, pain and tragedy are thrown into the scales of decision making. And it shows that we haven’t evolved much to be considered.

life is priceless

The life of every person is priceless. Every life is a world. The death of a single person in a war is potentially a minus of inventions and achievements that could help humanity. It could be the death of a father or mother of someone who could cure us of diseases, help with environmental problems, or send people to distant planets through hyperspace. Each such death in the war is a decrease in opportunities for all mankind and a huge tragedy for all the relatives of the deceased. This is an absolutely senseless waste of the potential of humanity.

And now, looking at all this, I really want humanity, realizing all the fraughtness of what is happening, to be able to stop on the path of its self-destruction. Otherwise…

Otherwise, nuclear winter will not become a plot from science fiction novels and films, but a reality in which those who are lucky enough to survive will live. Although the thesis of luck in this case is extremely doubtful.

I wouldn’t want to survive to see the decline of civilization. I would like to live to see a new era of the Renaissance of mankind. But for this people need to grow up and wiser. And preferably in a very short period of time. To not be late.


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