The collapse of Russia has already begun – military expert – UNIAN

According to Chernik, the Russian Federation is trying to return Ukraine under its influence. This cannot be allowed, he stressed.

The decline of the empire has begun - Chernik / photo from UNIAN

Decay process Russia already launched, the main thing is to prevent her from getting a recovery tool in the future.

This opinion was expressed channel 24 military expert Petr Chernik.

“In my opinion, the final decline of the empire has begun. This is the last historical reflection,” he said.

According to the expert, in order to restore the imperial status, the Russian Federation wants to return Ukraine to its geopolitical fold. If this happens, the empire will get a new breath, he explains.

Chernik states that the rise of the Moscow Empire really began with the absorption of Ukraine under the infamous Pereyaslav Rada pact. In the former USSR, the expert notes, the technological empire was built by Ukrainians. It is worth remembering at least Korolev and Glushko – famous rocket scientists. Moreover, the graduates of Ukrainian Ivano-Frankivsk raised the entire oil and gas industry. In addition, the first alphabet was written by Feofan Prokopovich.

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“If they return Ukraine, the empire will be restored. If they don’t return, they will be finished. That is why they decided on a “military special operation”, because all the other tools – ideological, financial, economic, informational – ended. They came to the conclusion that there is another way to stop the natural movement of Ukraine into the bosom of European civilization, and our place is there, they cannot,” the military expert explained.

Earlier, Russian opposition journalist Alexander Nevzorov predicted that the collapse of the Russian Federation will launch Lithuaniathat once destroyed the USSR.

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