The case of the death of a woman beaten by the son of the director of the Rivne NPP is being hushed up

Considered version allegedly died due to a fall in the hospital

Police are investigating the death of a woman / photo: UNIAN

The Main Directorate of the National Police in the Rivne region is currently considering the version that the deceased woman, according to media reports, in the hospital as a result of the beating by the son of the director of the Rivne NPP, Yevgeny Pavlishindied from a head injury due to an accidental fall in the hospital.

This was announced by a source of Ukrainian News in the National Police of the Rivne region.

“… in all seriousness they are considering the version of the cause of death from a head injury as a result of an accidental fall in the hospital. That is, an elderly woman, being in the hospital for treatment after being beaten by Yevgeny Pavlishin, accidentally hit something herself, she became ill and She died from this,” the source said.

According to Ukrainian News, doctors at the local hospital in Varash (Rivne region) have already prepared a similar medical report on the alleged cause of death for the local police. Thus, the phase of “excusing” from the accusations of the murder of a local major – the son of the director of the Rivne NPP Pavel Pavlyshyn – has now begun.

Recall, according to the media, earlier on the territory of the recreation center “Kholodok” (village Rudka, Varash district) there was a beating of 2 women – a 64-year-old mother and her daughter, who rented a house for recreation at the base. The alleged owner of the recreation center Yevgeny Pavlyshyn, who is the son of the head of the Rivne NPP, Pavel Pavlyshyn, allegedly beat the women during “rest with his friends”.

Ukrainian news believe that the reason for the attack by Pavlyshyn Jr. on women was their indignation at the fact that the owner of the recreation center relieved himself on the wall of a rented house. When an elderly woman who rented this holiday house with her daughter made a remark, after the phrase: “Don’t you know who I am?”, She probably received a blow from which she fell to the ground, and Yevgeny Pavlishin continued to kick the lying one. The daughter of the victim, who tried to protect her mother, also got it.

The elderly woman was admitted to the Varash hospital, where she later died from injuries sustained as a result of the beating.

As Ukrainian News reported, the son of the director of the Rivne NPP Evgeny Pavlyshyn beat an elderly woman.

Independent Trade Union of Rivne NPP demands the dismissal of the director of the station Pavel Pavlyshyn.

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