“The Bundeswehr does not have”: the ambassador about air defense from Germany, which Ukraine will receive

Ukraine is working with Germany on arms supplies in the short to medium term.

SAM IRIS-T SLM / Diehl Defense

Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andrey Melnik claims that Germany will provide Ukraine with the latest anti-aircraft missile system for air defense, which is not yet in service with the Bundeswehr.

He spoke about this in an interview. “Ukrinform”.

He stated that Ukraine is working with Germany on the supply of weapons in the short and medium term.

“I hope for support from Berlin in the purchase of the next 10 fixed air defense systems IRIS-T, which are considered among the coolest in the world and can provide a safe sky over Ukraine over the next years,” the ambassador explained.

The ambassador also said that the diplomats managed, in close cooperation with the manufacturer Diehl Defense, to overcome political resistance and achieve a contract for the purchase of the first such system worth 178 million euros at the expense of the German government.

“For this, special thanks to Chancellor Scholz. Even the Bundeswehr does not yet have such air defense,” Melnik added.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Scholz said that Germany will continue to support Ukraine as much as she needs in the struggle for independence.

Berlin is expected to hand over the latest IRIS-T air defense systems this year.

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