The astrologer said that the occupiers will arrange a second Mariupol in Kharkov – UNIAN

Ukrainian astrologer Dmitry Uranus made a forecast for Ukraine and found out which cities are the target of Russian invaders. He gave the most disappointing forecast about Kharkov, whose inhabitants have long been suffering from constant explosions.

According to the expert, the invaders will shell Kharkiv until the end of the war.

“The geographical position of Kharkov dooms it to shelling and destruction. Rashists throughout the war will take revenge on this city for resistance, like Mariupol,” the astrologer said.

He recommended that the residents of Kharkov urgently leave the city, because it is very dangerous to be there.

“I recommend to everyone who has the opportunity to leave the city, do not rush to return in the coming months. In the future, to move, restore and rebuild Kharkiv should be in the south, south-west direction, but there is no point in the north direction, towards the border. Border and the frontline zones are now in danger and in decline for years. Migration of the population to the center of the country and to the west is inevitable,” Uranus added.

Recall that the Carpathian molfarka predictedwhen the war in Ukraine slows down.

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