The Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke about the main danger of enemy drones – UNIAN

They are worked out by anti-aircraft missile troops, captured by special fighters and destroyed by special posts with portable anti-aircraft missile systems.

UAV Orlan / Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / Facebook

Yuriy Ignat, spokesman for the command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that the Defense Forces daily shoot down one or two enemy drone.

He talked about it on air. informational telethon.

“I want to say that these drones are an extremely dangerous thing, they need to be shot down, because it is after they fly that a missile attack is likely to occur on infrastructure facilities, on strategic important state facilities, transport interchanges,” Ignat explained.

The speaker of the Air Force Command noted that, despite the threat posed by Russian unmanned aerial vehicles, they are being worked out by anti-aircraft missile forces, captured by special fighters and destroying special posts with man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems.

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“Every day, we actually have 1-2 enemy unmanned aerial vehicles shot down, which constantly conduct reconnaissance over the territory of Ukraine. This happens not only in the east, but also in the north, even in the western regions two UAVs were recently shot down,” Ignat said.

He noted that the Air Force of Ukraine continues to control the airspace in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.

“For three months now, Russian aviation has not dared to cross the borders of our country. However, sometimes it happens that such attacks by enemy attack aircraft or helicopters do occur on the front line. And, of course, they become targets for our air defense and anti-aircraft missile forces, as well as air defense and other Defense Forces, in particular, air assault troops and ground forces, which also often shoot down (enemy – UNIAN) Su-25 aircraft, Mi-24 helicopters and others,” Ignat said.

As UNIAN reported, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, since February 24, the Defense Forces have destroyed 735 enemy operational-tactical UAVs, 117 air defense systems, 223 aircraft, 190 helicopters.

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