Terrorist attack in Olenivka – GUR urges not to trust the lists of the dead and wounded, which are published by the Russians

Ukraine cannot yet confirm the veracity of the lists of defenders of our state who were killed or wounded published by the Russian invaders as a result of an explosion in a colony on the territory of the temporarily occupied Olenivka. There is no reason to trust these data, informed representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Yusov.

He explained that immediately after the tragedy, the Coordinating Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War appealed to the Russian Federation with a demand to provide information about the dead and wounded as a result of this terrorist act, as well as about return of bodies of killed Ukrainians.

“Unfortunately, no official answers have been received so far, we can only operate with the data that the Russians have made public on the Internet,” Yusov said.

The representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate said that the check showed the presence in the mentioned lists of the names of those military men who were injured before the explosion in Olenivka.

According to him, Ukraine had agreements on their exchange in the near future. These defenders were supposed to be in the hospital during the terrorist attack, and not in the barracks on the territory of the Olenivka industrial zone.

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“Accordingly, we cannot talk about confirming the lists, and the Russians have not yet provided official answers within the framework of international law,” summed up Andrei Yusov.

Previously it was reported that the cause of the explosion in the colony of the village of Olenivka, where more than 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war died, was a Russian thermobaric weapon.

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