Stolen grain – Ukraine offered Lebanon to buy barley stolen by Russia

The Ukrainian authorities offered their Lebanese colleagues to purchase barley and wheat flour at a reduced price, which Russia stole and delivered on a Syrian ship in Tripoli. About it reported Embassy of Ukraine in Lebanon.

“By agreement with the owners of Ukrainian products that are on board the Laodicea ship, and also in order to avoid damage to the stolen grain and store it in Lebanon, the Embassy of Ukraine submitted an offer to the Lebanese government for the purchase of these products at the following prices: wheat flour – $ 350 per ton, barley – $180 per ton”the embassy tweeted.

The department also noted that the proposed prices are half the market prices. It is not yet known whether the Lebanese authorities agreed to the generous offer of Ukraine.

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Please note that July 31st Lebanon arrests cargo ship Laodicea, which was loaded with barley and wheat flour. The Ukrainian authorities informed the government of the Asian country that the cargo was stolen and loaded by the Russians in the port of the occupied Feodosiya.

The war caused enormous damage to Ukrainian farms, putting many of them on the brink of survival: broken agricultural equipment, lost crops, mined fields. What Ukrainian farmers live today, what plans they make and what they need in the first place, read in the material Peter Burkovsky “Lend-Lease for Farmers: How Ukraine Can Knock the Kremlin Out of the Hunger Games”.

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