State Border Guard Service named five criteria for crossing the border – UNIAN

The indicators of crossing the Ukrainian border by Russian citizens have decreased to a virtually critical level, the State Border Service noted.

The presence of a visa to enter Ukraine does not guarantee that the Russians will be able to enter our country, shared in the State Border Guard Service / UNIAN photo, Igor Chekachkov

If a citizens of the Russian Federation received visas to enter Ukraine, this does not mean that they will be able to cross our border.

In order to enter Ukrainian territory, Russians must also meet four more criteria, Andrei Demchenko, spokesman for the State Border Service, cites. “Ukrainian Truth”.

According to him, foreigners must have a valid passport, they should not be restricted from entering our country, they must confirm the purpose of the trip, and they must also have enough funds to stay in our country and to leave it.

Demchenko added that if some of the foreigners have a visa, but they do not meet one more criterion, then they may not be allowed to enter Ukraine.

“Due to the full-scale military aggression of Russia against Ukraine, the indicators (border crossings by citizens of the Russian Federation – ed.) have decreased to a virtually critical level. Now a few citizens of the Russian Federation cross the border of Ukraine, and then – if there are good reasons,” the speaker of the State Border Guard Service noted.

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Recall that Ukraine from July 1 introduces a visa regime for the entry of citizens of the Russian Federation.

Russian troops early on the morning of February 24, they invaded Ukraine, and a full-scale war began. First, the enemy bombed military facilities, and then attacked civilian ones. More than 20,000 people died in Mariupol alone.

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