Spanish count committed suicide after killing two women

Madrid police are investigating the death of Spanish aristocrat Fernando González de Castejón, who was found dead in his family home on June 20. The bodies of his wife and her girlfriend were also found there. How writes edition Hola, the man allegedly shot the women first and then committed suicide.

The aristocrat and his wife left a minor daughter, at the time of the death of her parents she was in a boarding school abroad.

Hola notes that González de Castejon, who during his lifetime bore titles Count of Atares and Marquis de Perija, was a hunter and had a firearms license. At the same time, the publication, citing acquaintances of the 53-year-old count, indicates that he was an “eccentric and problematic neighbor”: he was complained about because of the shooting at targets with a shotgun on the site and the threat to shoot the neighbor’s dog barking at him.

Agency EFE leads other information. According to him, the count did not have a license for weapons, and for some found in his house – such as a pistol with a silencer – could not be in principle. At the same time, according to effe, the women were shot with a silent pistol.

The police were repeatedly called to the count’s Madrid house in connection with quarrels between the aristocrat and his wife. Hola reports that in 2018 González de Castejón was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, but as of June 2021 he was no longer under any restrictive measures.

González de Castejon inherited the titles of ninth Marquis of Perih and sixteenth Count of Atares from his great-uncle, along with a “huge fortune” that provided the man with a comfortable existence. About 10 years ago, the count was among the depositors of Banco de Madrid who lost money in its bankruptcy. He himself lost more 700 thousand.

The Spanish government then refused to compensate for the loss of the bank’s customers from the budget. González de Castejón, along with other affected depositors, appeared on television, declaring the “shamefulness” of the situation. He also lamented that “those with the most money pay the least in taxes.”

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