Sokurov not released to Finland due to covid restrictions

The Commission on Personal Rights of the Human Rights Council (HRC) is discussing the complaint of director Alexander Sokurov about not being allowed to cross the Russian border into Finland. This was reported to RTVI by Ekaterina Vinokurova, a member of the HRC.

“Right now, the Commission on Personal Rights is discussing the complaint of Alexander Nikolaevich Sokurov. There is an opinion that the remaining covid restrictions – among them the crossing of the land borders of Russia – should be canceled. Not only in relation to Alexander Nikolayevich personally, but in general. Moreover, the restrictions have been lifted from the Finnish side. The discussion is not over at the moment, ”Vinokurova said.

After the outbreak of the pandemic, the Russian government issued a decree according to which it is impossible to travel to some countries along the land border. June 20 Russian authorities saved restrictions on entry into Finland. At the same time, the Finns, for their part, let the Russians in. However, in May, Russia lifted land restrictions on entry into Georgia.

About the fact that Sokurov was not allowed to cross the Russian-Finnish border, in his telegram channel wrote journalist Ksenia Larina. According to her, “the head of the border service” said that “Sokurov’s departure abroad” is prohibited by Mishustin “.”

“On the border of [Cокурова и директора фонда] asked to get out of the car, took their passports and [пограничники] disappeared for several hours. Explaining nothing. Trucks and trucks, cars and buses went past them without any delays or unnecessary clarifications. But Sokurov, leaning on a stick, was still standing and waiting for his passport. When it became clear that they were not in time for the plane, the head of the border service came out and, trying not to look Sokurov in the eyes, said that his travel abroad was “forbidden by Mishustin”, “It’s impossible to let people like you out,” says Larina.

Sokurov confirmed Interfax that the customs officers explained their actions by the order of Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on restrictions on coronavirus, which, according to the director, has been canceled. At the same time, Russia saves restrictions on movement across the border with Finland. To cross it, you need valid reasons, documented, for example, a residence permit, family reunification, business trip or medical treatment.

“I was kept for four hours at the border, and I returned to St. Petersburg. They didn’t let me and the director of our foundation (the non-profit foundation for supporting cinema “Example of Intonation (Alexander Sokurov Foundation)” <...> They kept me for several hours, waiting for us to miss the Milan plane at Helsinki airport. And so it happened, ”said the director .

Sokurov also said that he reported the incident to the HRC, of ​​which he is a member.

Unlike Russia, the Finnish authorities open border with Russia for tourism from 30 June. The country is also lifting coronavirus restrictions — travelers will no longer need to present vaccination certificates or negative PCR test results for COVID-19 to enter.

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