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The Argentine football player can receive a life ban for his act.

The football player hit the female referee / Screenshot from the video

AT Argentina duel between the teams of the amateur league “Garmense” and “Deportivo Independencia” in the city of Tres Arroyos ended in a loud scandal.

In the second half of the match, one of the players fouled in the center of the field and, after the referee’s whistle, knocked the ball out of the field. 30 year old female referee Dalma Cortadi, refereeing this match, rightly showed a yellow card to Garmense’s Cristian Tirone for hitting the ball after the whistle.

As a result of this, a verbal skirmish arose on the field, which turned into a small brawl. Tirone, who received a yellow card, began to verbally insult the referee, and she showed him a red card, removing him from the field.

While the girl wrote down the name of the football player in a notebook, he meanly ran up to the referee from behind and hit her on the head with his fist.

Episode video:

Dalma Kortadi, shocked, thankfully got to her feet a few seconds after the impact. Representatives of the police immediately ran out onto the field and detained an inadequate football player.

The match was suspended, and the female referee was taken to the hospital. After examination, she was released.

According to DailyMailthe inadequate Garmense player is facing not only a long sports disqualification, but also problems with the law.

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Dalma Kortadi said after the attack that she intends to press charges against the 34-year-old footballer.

I’m a bit overwhelmed by what happened, but other than that, everything is fine and I’m getting support from colleagues and family. The doctors told me to rest.

I still can’t come to terms with what happened. All I want is to restore justice.

Gender and whether it was done by a man or a woman is irrelevant here. The important thing is that there is no such level of aggression in football or anywhere else.

People like this man have no place in football“, said Kortadi.

It is noted that the local football authorities are discussing the option of a life-long suspension of the player for his inappropriate behavior. This option was discussed as the most likely possibility.

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