Skyrim developer explains why he doesn’t want to work on a sequel to the game – TES VI

According to Nate Purkepile, making The Elder Scrolls VI the same legendary RPG as the previous part of the series is too high a bar.

The Elder Scrolls VI waiting for millions of fans around the world. Bethesda Game Studios announced the game with a brief trailer at E3 2018 and has since shared a meager amount of details. However, this does not stop fans from fantasizing and looking for hints about the location of the upcoming action-RPG. Users expect that TES VI will be performed at least at the level of the previous part of the series – Skyrim. And for some developers, this bar seems too high.

About it informed game world artist Nate Purcypile. He worked on The Elder Scrolls V and was later the Lead Lighting Designer for Starfield.

“[Успех Skyrim] is one aspect of why I became independent [разработчиком]. Some people say “I really want to work on The Elder Scrolls VI”, but for me it’s a high bar. I’d rather mind my own business,” Purkepile told Time Extension.

What we know about The Elder Scrolls VI

  • The sixth part of the series was announced at E3 2018 with a vague teaser. It showed an unknown location and a city in the distance.
  • Director of Bethesda Game Studios Todd Howard said at the end of June that the game was in the design stage.
  • According to numerous rumors, The Elder Scrolls VI takes place in two provinces of Tamriel – Hammerfell and High Rock.
  • The release date of the game is still unknown. But if you rely on the production cycle of Bethesda, then it will appear only in 2025, or even 2026.

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