Six top news from Ukraine and the world at 19:00 August 2 – news from Ukraine, Politics

1. Drone killed the leader of al-Qaeda on the balcony of his apartment: Details of the US operation. The US drone strike that killed al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri on July 30 was the result of careful secret planning by US President Joe Biden and a small circle of his senior advisers (more).

2. BELGIUM HOLDS A LOT OF RUSSIAN ASSETS SUDDENLY – OVER EUR 50 BILLION. The Belgian government has frozen about 50.5 billion euros of assets owned by Russian individuals, companies or organizations that fell under EU sanctions after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (more).

3. YERMAK: IF THE FIGHTING CONTINUES TO WINTER, RETURNING THE TERRITORIES WILL BE MORE DIFFICULT. The next few months will be decisive on the battlefield: if the active hostilities of a full-scale war of conquest by Russia against Ukraine drag on until winter, it will become increasingly difficult to liberate the territories (more).

4. THE RUSSIANS DID NOT DESTROY A SINGLE HIMARS, EVERY ROCKET HIT THE TARGET – OK “YUG”. The Russian invaders failed to destroy a single HIMARS missile launcher, and the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine quickly learned how to use the system effectively, Major General Andriy Kovalchuk, Commander of the Yug Operational Command, said (more).

5. SPAIN WILL NOT GIVE LEOPARD TANKS TO UKRAINE. REFER TO THEIR “UNSATISFACTORY” CONDITION. Spain will not be able to transfer Leopard tanks to Ukraine, as they are allegedly in “unsatisfactory” technical condition (more).

6. PELOSIE LANDED IN TAIWAN. THIS IS THE FIRST SUCH VISIT SINCE 1997 – PHOTO. Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan, the first such visit to the island since 1997 (more).

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