Singer Ellie told why fans of the game will like the series The Last of Us

The show respects the emotional aspects of the game and largely inherits the original source.

After the announcement of the TV series The Last of Us Sony and HBO barely shared any material. The creators of the show have published only two official pictures. There were more photos from the filming, but they do not give an idea of ​​​​the quality of the upcoming adaptation. That is why some fans continue to doubt that the series will be able to match the high quality of the game. These fears have recently tried to dispel Bella Ramsay, the performer of the role of Ellie. In her opinion, fans of The Last of Us film adaptation will definitely like it.

The actress made the corresponding statement in a recent interview with SheKnows.

“I think people will like [сериал]. I know that people, of course, were worried about this. When something is so valuable to you as a viewer – as a gamer – of course you will worry about adaptation. But honestly, I think people will love it. She is [экранизация] very faithfully repeats the emotional rhythms of the game, is very respectful of the game and honors it,” said Ramsay.

Separately, the actress emphasized an important feature of the series. The film adaptation will not repeat frame by frame all the events of The Last of Us. In places, she focuses on those aspects that were poorly disclosed in the game.

“He [сериал] explores various areas that were not so much explored in the game. I think people will like it. I hope you enjoy it. It was so much fun to implement, such an experience. I hope that [зрители] will feel it too when they go on an adventure with us,” Ramsay added.

The Last of Us series – plot and actors

  • The screen adaptation of the game shows the world where there was an outbreak of an epidemic of a mutated parasitic fungus that turns people into zombies. In the center of the plot is an experienced cynical smuggler Joel, who lost his daughter at the dawn of a pandemic. Now he has to transport across the country the impudent girl Ellie with immunity to the disease.
  • The roles of Joel and his companion will be performed by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay, respectively. These actors have already starred together in another successful HBO show, Game of Thrones.
  • Craig Mazin, the creator of Chernobyl, is the showrunner for the adaptation. The author of the original game, the head of the Naughty Dog studio, Neil Druckmann, also participates in the production.
  • The show is filmed in Canada. HBO plans to spend $200 million to produce the first season of the film.
  • The series will hit small screens in early 2023.

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