Serbia-Kosovo conflict – Serbian politicians talk about “denazification”

Member of the presidential “Serbian Progressive Party” Vladimir Djukovic said that Balkans needs to be denazified. He wrote about this on Twitter.

It seems to me that Serbia will be forced to begin the denazification of the Balkans. I would like to be wrong”– wrote Djukovic.

The “denazification” claim echoes the narratives Russia uses to justify the war in Ukraine.

After a violent reaction among social network users, a member of the presidential team did not take back his words, but rather wrote a number of messages. After being criticized, he stated that the “Belgrade elite” (against “denazification” because “always supported every Serbian enemy”).

“Instead of rejoicing that Serbia has the opportunity to help them with denazification, they rebel against this […] In any case, denazification is a necessary and educational thing, and, thank God, Serbia will help everyone to expel Nazism.” he wrote.

To the remark that Serbia does not have nuclear weapons and is surrounded by NATO member countries, Djukovic answered: “Denazification is also education, not just war.”

Message Djukovic the opposition politician also commented Balsha Bozovicwho stressed that the citizens of Serbia are for peace, and the current “war-mongering” regime needs to be changed as soon as possible.

“Never again brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor! Mode [президента Сербии Александара] Vučić should be sent to history urgently.” – writes Bozovic.

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Recall the escalation of the conflict began a few hours before the entry into force of the new order, according to which Kosovo Serbs with license plates issued by Serbia on cars must re-register them for signs of Kosovo (RKS). Also, citizens of Serbia on the territory of a partially recognized state will be issued temporary documents replacing Serbian ones.

Then the President of Serbia Alexander Vucic warned about the plans of the Kosovo authorities to invade the northern regions of Serbia, using the entry ban for citizens with documents issued in Serbia.

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