Search for a child – A website has been created in Ukraine to search for missing and deported children

In Ukraine, on August 1, the state information platform “Children of War”, which should contribute to the collection of data on children affected by the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine in order to provide assistance to them. In particular, we are talking about the missing or illegally taken by the occupiers to the territory of Russia, the National Information Bureau reports.

“This portal was created as a tool to search for children, save them and release them from places of forced displacement or deportation,” said Dariya Gerasimchuk, Advisor to the President of Ukraine for Children’s Rights and Child Rehabilitation.

As noted, the site contains up-to-date and consolidated data on children who died, were injured, went missing or were deported. It also contains information about minors who were found and rescued.

In addition, the portal provides an opportunity to report:

  • about a lost child;
  • about a crime against a child;
  • about a child found unaccompanied by adults;
  • about the case of deportation of the child;
  • about forced change of his citizenship or documents;
  • about other violations of children’s rights committed during the war between Russia and Ukraine.

According to the NIB, all applications registered on the website will be processed by the relevant departments.

Law enforcement agencies, on the other hand, must update the quantitative indicators indicated on the platform every day.

Director of the National Information Bureau Alexander Smirnov said that at present, 358 dead and 639 injured children are known since the beginning of the Russian invasion of our country. Also, 203 children went missing, 5,754 were illegally taken away, and 47 were returned to the territory controlled by Ukraine, with the participation of the Ministry of Reintegration.

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“By creating this portal, we also want to involve the public in the search for children, centralize and greatly facilitate the reporting of the disappearance or discovery of the whereabouts of a child. The issue of protecting children and returning them to Ukraine is one of our tasks,” Smirnov stressed.

He noted that the relevant state bodies are doing everything necessary to record the deportation and forced displacement or resettlement of children. In addition, Ukraine cooperates with partners and international organizations.

“The joint portal “Children of War” created by us allows you to quickly and purposefully collect the necessary data that helps to identify a child, track his whereabouts and, as a result, return him to Ukraine,” the director of the NIB explained.

According to him, the initiative will help form the evidence base and bring to justice the perpetrators of crimes against children.

Platform The NIB was created with the support of the Ministry of Reintegration, the Office of the Prosecutor General, the National Police and the presidential adviser Daria Gerasimchuk on behalf of the head of state.

Earlier, the National Police of Donetsk region reported about the start of the rescue operation. Law enforcement officers offer families evacuation and housing.

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