Scientists have shown what an incredible starry sky is in Antarctica (photo)

Ukrainian polar explorers at the Vernadsky station observed an incredible starry sky.

starry sky above

Ukrainian polar explorers at the Akademik Vernadsky station had the opportunity to observe the incredible starry sky.

This is reported on Facebook National Antarctic Science Center.

According to experts, it is not so often possible to see a clear starry sky above the station: usually everything is overcast here, and even precipitation is coming.

“This is such a unique beauty that we decided to share it with you without fail,” the scientists delighted and published some incredible pictures.

As UNIAN previously reported, in February at the Ukrainian station “Akademik Vernadsky” new temperature record set. The temperature rose to +12.7°. Scientists attribute such a sharp warming to the “atmospheric river” phenomenon, enhanced by the “mountain hair dryer” effect.

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