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The sanctioned turbine for the Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline returned at the request of Berlin after repairs in Canada is still in Germany, and this morning, August 3, the Chancellor Olaf Scholz going to “examine her”. This was reported by Siemens Energy Corporation, writes Welt.

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“Smotriny” are scheduled for the morning on the territory of Siemens Energy in Mülheim an der Ruhr.

The publication notes that the turbine has passed technical control in Canada and is ready for further transportation to Russia for installation at the Portovaya GCS.

Next to her, Scholz will deliver a brief press statement, jointly with Siemens Energy CEO Christian Bruch.

REFERENCE. At the beginning of the summer, Gazprom announced that deliveries by joint venture “due to problems with the equipment” can be provided in the amount of up to 100 million m3 per day (at a nominal value of 167 million m3). Deliveries to Germany have been reduced from July 27 to 33 million m3. In Canada, Germany and Ukraine, they said that “technical problems” were an excuse: in fact, this is just Kremlin blackmail. Ukrainian transit too only 20% used. June 10 Canada decided to return the turbine to Germany from the Siemens Energy plant in Montreal. Ukraine called for the abolition transmission. As of August 1, the Russian Federation is still refuses to resume the use of the turbine for the JV. The Yamal-Europe gas pipeline has not been used at all since the winter.

After the chancellor got acquainted with the turbine, the German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock will make her first visit to Canada, and on August 3 she will go not to the capital Ottawa, but to Montreal, the hometown of the country’s Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie. The turbine was serviced in this metropolis in the province of Quebec.

  • On August 2, Scholz stated that Germany “exposed Putin’s bluff”, and the return of the turbine for the Nord Stream from Canada to her is allegedly in favor of Ukraine.

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