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Some of the latest German weapons that Germany has pledged to transfer to Ukraine – and is doing so – are so modern that they are not yet even in the German army. This was stated to the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholzanswering the question “Why did Germany cut military support for Ukraine despite promises to the contrary?”

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The chancellor exclaimed that “this is simply not true”, said that “it is necessary to stick to the facts”, not estimates, and stressed that Germany has been supplying the Armed Forces of Ukraine with ammunition and weapons “from the first days after Russia’s attack on Ukraine.”

“We supply everything [вооружения]what we had: anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems, mines, guns, tons of ammunition and non-lethal assistance. Since then, we have moved to more complex and expensive systems. Self-propelled guns, MLRS, anti-aircraft systems, counter-battery radars,” Scholz listed.

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As the head of the German government put it, “some of these systems are so new that very few of them were produced, and some of them are not even represented in the Bundeswehr yet.”

He recalled that Germany is training Ukrainian crews and operators “on new and more sophisticated equipment in several places” in the country, and again assured that Berlin will continue to provide this support to Ukraine “for as long as it takes.”

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