SBU intercepted the conversation of a militant from ORDO: Ukrainian army is the strongest in the world – news from Ukraine, Politics

The SBU published an interception of a telephone conversation between a mobilized resident of the temporarily occupied Donetsk and his mother, in which he convinces her that the Ukrainian army is the strongest in the world, and that Russian soldiers are demoralized and are able to attack only at the cost of huge losses.

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“The Ukrainian army is the strongest army in the whole world… They are not even afraid of the Russians, bitch, nobody…. It’s true, it’s real…” says the militant.

To the objection of the woman, he asks: “Have you seen any losses at all? .. They don’t tell you the truth … they tell you fairy tales.”

“And even if ours (the army, – ed.) is advancing, it is with very heavy losses. Very large, very, very, very! Hu * ryat one or two, I’m telling you. We have a regiment there * bali. Battalions lie down…” – says the invader.

The SBU recalled the hotline 2402 for Russians “who do not want to return home in a bag.” By calling the number, you can surrender and save your life, the service noted.

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